Mike O'Mara Case
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Who Killed Mike O'Mara?
- Organized Crime & Political Corruption
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If you have any information regarding this case, please contact:

John J. Flood & Jim McGough
6304 N Francisco Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659
phone: 773-878-1002

& Attorney Michael McArdle
phone: 312-372-7788

According to Dr. DiMaio's testimony... (Independent M.E.) It is physically impossible to inflict a center, over the bridge of the nose, fatal, gunshot wound to ones own forehead.

SO... Attorney Michael McArdle might want to ask:

* How many employees of the Lawless Cook County Sheriffs Police Department knew Michael's location AFTER he reported in???

name                                                      position

(check incoming voice recordings)     dispatcher_____________
__________________________      _____________________
__________________________      _____________________

*Who are the "Shattered Shields" with something to hide from the Illinois Attorney General's office? (I suggest contacting the Washington D.C.'s Attorney General office with any pertinent information for obvious reasons)

name                                                        position
___________________________     _________________________
___________________________     _________________________
___________________________     _________________________

* Who in the CCSPD was PROMOTED after O'Mara's murder?

name                                                         position
____________________________     _________________________
____________________________     _________________________
____________________________     _________________________

*Who rushed the
 suicide finding?

name                                                            position

____________________________       _______________________________

* NEVER FORGET: Michael O'Mara left behind two young daughters and a wife, Barbara, who have all been lied to.

Both daughters need to know their father loved them and DID want to come home.

Barbara, his wife, needs to know, she is NOT the only one who believes her husband was murdered.