Promotions Have Been Awarded in police agencies...
For Doing Nothing about facts in murder cases. 
What You Do NOT Know
*M'Linda is currently working on 17 murder cases as a private citizen who simply believes we are our brother's keeper!
Who Does NOT Want
Justice for Jon Benét?

Boulder Colorado Police Chief Mark Beckner (Re: Bill Ramsey)

Manahawkin and Lacey Township Police departments in
Ocean County, New Jersey (Re: Bill Ramsey)


These Police Departments don't want the media focused on questionable police procedures, practices and possible "cover-ups" involved in this 14-year-old murder case. The Boulder County DA's office wants to prosecute. Police Chief Mark Beckner must first pursue ALL leads or step down.

In Cook County, Illinois, there are FIVE "suicides" which were, in fact, MURDERS. The Babich double murder is waiting for someone official to re-examine the stark errors and omissions involved in this whopper of a "cover-up."

Cases like these are swept under the rug monthly by local, state and federal law authorities. It really is "who you know" and yet some are taking a stand against this mockery of our Justice system. It is an organization called "Unite For Justice/Dougas Millar." This group of experienced and learned scholars and experts seeks to expose injustice and corruption within "the system." Ferreting out those in power who "use and abuse the system" for their own ends.
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