Once you read it, you too must choose to do something to help bring justice to a tortured child's soul, or - simply do nothing!
For nearly 14 years I have asked many authorities to...
look at the mountain of evidence which warrants a
DNA & Left Palm printof the 3rd Santa . Remember, hours prior to her murder, JonBenét told 4 people

"Santa is coming after Christmas but it's a secret."
Know this: but for the Grace of God...there go I.
  Since your blessing was...this was not your child, You are obligated to do something!
ALL questions about the JonBenét murder case are answered in this book...including who is the 3rd Santa & who protected him in order to cover-up their own crimes. 
Santa   (you be the judge) MURDERER OF MINE!

Finally! Justice for JonBenét 
 M'Linda Kula and her devoted, protective husband Thomas Kula