Daniel Babich DID have a key to the house. Remember, it was given to him for the installation of the bathroom. He LIED to the McCook Internal Affairs Investigator from the very beginning about not having a key.

• Daniel had not spoken to his parents in approximately SIX (6) MONTHS (since the Easter vacation). Walter and Dorothy's wedding anniversary was coming up when they received a very curious call from DB. He wanted to know the specific, detailed anniversary weekend agenda of his parents. He wanted to know where they were going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He wanted to know when they were going places and who they were going with. He was told the parents were going out to dinner on Friday and then on Saturday, they planned to go out to dinner and then to the casino. This call was very suspicious to friends and family members. Dorothy was so unsettled by Daniel's inquisition about their anniversary weekend plans that she called her long-time friend, Grace, about it. (It is believed that upon returning home from the anniversary trip is when they were tortured and murdered.)  Daniel's call suggestspremeditated murder.

• Walter and his wife, Dorothy, had both been murdered late Saturday night of their wedding anniversary weekend AFTER returning home from the casino trip.

A specialist in the field of death explained to one of Dorothy's daughters that Dorothy suffered a long, drawn out, painfully torturous death. Your father suffered as well. The murderer used a full barrel shot gun and tore up your father's complete mid-section with TWOSHOTS to the abdomen. This murderer turned Walter Babich's insides into the likeness of hamburger meat. These shots were not immediate kill shots. They were meant to inflict intense pain, bleeding and eventual death. Walter Babich was alive to hear the screams of his wife as she was being slain in the bedroom. The murderer(s) knew how to inflict maximum, lingering pain and torture prior to death. (It is NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE for Walter Babich who had crippling rheumatoid arthritis in both of his hands to have SHOT HIMSELF TWICE IN THE ABDOMEN with a full barrel shotgun. This was NOT a case of SUICIDE as the police would have us believe. THIS WAS MURDER and a visible case of corruption on the highest level by not only two police departments but other police agencies and politician as well. This is the time to say that the level of corruption in Cook County Ill is a matter of history.)

The murderer used a small serrated edge steak knife. He stabbed Dorothy 63 times. The cuts were shallow. She felt the tearing of her flesh and muscle tissue. She felt the blood pouring out of her body. The pain was so horrific that it would cause her to pass in and out of consciousness. The stabbing continued despite her attempts to fend off her attacker. Stab after stab, wound after wound, one blow after another for a total of 63 stab wounds. Imagine the excruciating pain she felt as she looked into the eyes of her assailant. Her efforts to fend off the attack were not in vain. She managed to pull a button off the shirt of her attacker. As she lay dying, she held in her hand the one piece of evidence that would point to her murderer, a very unique button from a police uniform.

At the time of the second anniversary of the Babiches deaths, Daniel Babich, on a hunting website had a photograph of himself straddling a full rack buck, inviting anyone who wanted to "become a better killer" to contact him and he could teach them how. His sisters saw this as Daniel's way to taunt them for what they knew.

                     ~  ~  ~

• Wellness calls by Dianna, their eldest daughter, and Walter Jr. were made Saturday night and Sunday morning. None of these calls were answered. Sunday morning both Walter Jr. and Dianna went to the house to check on the parents. Walter Jr. arrived at the scene first and could not gain access to the home. He then contacted DB, the youngest of the seven adult children who is also the Police Chief of Lyons, IL. When Daniel arrived, he did not present the key to gain access to the home! Walter Jr. and Daniel walked around the perimeter of the home trying to see into windows to see if any of them were ajar and to see what was happening. Walter Jr. said that by leaning over the porch rail he could see through the vertical blinds that his father was seated in a chair in the living room and appeared to be asleep. His father was not responding to any of the knocking or pounding on the doors. Then Walter Jr. forced open the side door to the garage in order to gain entry to the home with minimum damage.

• Instead of calling the LOCAL, McCook Police Department which is ONLY two short blocks away from the home; Police Chief Daniel Babich called the Captain of his own loyal LYON's Police Department which is miles away from the home of the double homicide victims, Walter and Dorothy Babich, both 75-years-old and both having suffered serious, debilitating health issues.

• In the Lyons police report it states falsely that a Lyons police officer used a battering ram to break into the side garage door. The question must be asked: "WHY was it so important to lie about WHO broke into the side garage door and HOW they broke into the side garage door." Walter Babich Jr. truthfully stated to his sister that he, himself, broke into the side garage door while Daniel was with him.

• The Lyon's police contacted the McCook Police Department who have PROPER jurisdiction.

• Someone turned the gas on, forcing a delay in investigating the bodies and the crime scene. Fingerprints should be on the gas tank nozzle and the tank itself. Was anything dusted for prints? The answer is "No." Why would this routine investigative procedure not be performed?

• While the emergency staff waited for the gas to dissipate, Dianna and Walter Jr. witnessed the McCook Internal Affairs Investigator furiously bombarding Daniel with questions. "Why were YOU in your parents home for one hour prior to any emergency staff on the scene? What were you doing during that one hour? Why didn't you call us first, you know we are only two blocks from your parents home. Why did you call YOUR police department instead? Do you have a key to your parents home? Are you SURE you don't have a key to your parents home? Don't let me find out later that you DO have a key to your parents home!" During the questioning, Daniel walked away from the investigator repeatedly.


• Who had keys? The Babiches were very protective of their home and did not give keys to ANYONE. The ONLY person they gave a key to was Daniel, in order that Daniel could gain access to the home to install the basement bathroom. Other than Daniel; Dorothy and Walter were the only key holders.

• Was an unknown person or persons waiting inside the home when the Babiches arrived home from the casino?

Who knows better how to stage a crime scene than a police chief
who also has FBI and Marine training?

Routinely, all immediate family members are potential suspects in homicide cases.
Why then was Daniel Babich afforded courtesies that were very inappropriate and furthermore hindered the proper stages of investigation in a crime as heinous as this.

It is a known fact among police investigators: 1st on the scene, 1st to be questioned. Which might explain why Chief Daniel Babich wanted to make sure Walter Jr. appeared to be the first on the scene and not himself. Yet the McCook Internal Affairs Investigator was witnessed asking DB, "Why were YOU in your parents home for one hour prior to any emergency staff on the scene?"

DB used his police chief status to greatly influence the entire investigation from beginning to end. He announced to all emergency personnel, "My Dad killed my Mom and then himself." causing all emergency staff to extend sympathy and compassion by quickly performing the minimum amount of investigative procedure vs. a thorough, routine, step-by-step investigation. Then they turned the home over to DB, who should have and would normally be one of the person's of interest by the mere fact that he was one of the Babiches seven adult children. Having complete control of the home, DB was then able to remove the chair Walter Babich Sr. was shot twice in and the mattress where Dorothy Babich was tortured by 63 stab wounds resulting in her slow and painful death. Simply put, the McCook Police gave DB the ability to dispose of major evidence in a double homicide.

DB, the youngest of seven children, immediately changed all the locks and prevented his siblings from entering their parents home, unless he or his wife were present.

A few days into a double murder investigation, Investigator Browder is ordered to deal ONLY with DB. Off duty, Investigator Browder told M'Linda Kula (second born of the Babiches) "As far as I am concerned, all Walter and Dorothy's children should have access to me. Daniel Babich should be treated as just another sibling. He should have nothing to do with this case in his capacity as Lyons Police Chief. He is simply one of seven adult children and he will be treated as such." M'Linda was left with the impression that the order to speak only to DB infuriated Browder. When their conversation was finished, Browder said, "I have to be careful, I don't want to lose my pension or my job." The next morning something happened and from then on, Investigator Browder spoke only to Daniel Babich. The subsequent phone calls made by Dianna and M'Linda for further information were never returned.

From the beginning, DB repeatedly disappeared to his isolated hunting cabin during an investigation into the death of both his parents. Investigator Browder, as well as other police officials had to repeatedly insist that he return and cooperate with them on additional information because his older sisters were bringing up alarming accusations about what really happened to their parents. One would wonder exactly why the son (who is a police CHIEF) of two obviously murdered parents would vacate the scene instead of cooperating with the many officials performing the investigation of the crime.

A few days after Walter Sr. and Dorothy were removed from their home, their surviving children (except for Ronald, who was not in the state yet) had a family meeting. At this meeting, Daniel tossed the Italian cross necklace that Dorothy always wore, along with a few items of costume jewelry on the table in front of Barbara (the youngest daughter) and stated that this was the only jewelry he found in the home of their parents. His exact words were "Take what you want." He was speaking toward Barbara and a niece named Christina. M'Linda and Dianna were on the other side of the room. M'Linda questioned Daniel, "Where are Mom's ten cocktail rings? The Irish Claddaugh was purchased by my family and I would like it returned for my children." Daniel said, "I didn't find any rings." M'Linda questioned further, stating that there were many people in the house that day, including the police and emergency personnel, maybe someone took them to put them in safe keeping.

Dorothy wore the rings every day. It was possible that she could have had them on her fingers at the time of her death. Daniel exploded, "Why are you accusing me of stealing?" This puzzled M'Linda. She was not accusing her brother or anyone else of stealing the rings. She just wanted to know where they were. After this, Daniel stormed out of the family meeting stating "I'm not going to stay here and be accused of stealing the rings. You can get someone else, any one of you, to handle everything that has to be done." At this time M'Linda reiterated to the rest of the people there that she was NOT accusing anyone of stealing, she just wanted to know if someone had them in safe keeping and where they were.

As time passed, the rings did not surface. Investigator Browder said, "Dorothy had NOTHING on, including rings. She was naked. There were no rings on her fingers and there were no rings on the dressers." The medical examiner stated that Dorothy came in without clothing and without jewelry. They had no personal property belonging to Dorothy because she was wearing nothing. M'Linda and Dianna knew there were ten rings and that it was Dorothy's life intention to leave these to her children and grandchildren.

Dianna went to the McCook Police Department and insisted on filing a theft report. They referred the matter back to Inv. Browder who now had to contact Dianna. At this point, Inv. Browder contacted M'Linda, stating that Daniel said there were no rings and there never were rings. He wanted to know if M'Linda could produce evidence that these rings actually existed. M'Linda told him to look at the 5 feet high by 4 feet wide portrait that was on the church altar at the funeral service for her parents. The picture was taken on a cruise the Babiches went on. All TEN rings were clearly visible on Dorothy's fingers in the picture.

Browder was adamant, "You are not getting a damned theft report because a theft report would take this case in a whole other direction and many police officers would be in trouble with the FBI for what they did not do." {i.e. dust for prints, check for evidence, determine whose bloody hand print was on the side of the refrigerator, keeping the scene sealed off for further investigation (McCook P.D. inadvertently gave possession of the scene of this crime and all the evidence it held to a potential suspect (Daniel Babich). * it is a fact, that in the murder of parents, ALL adult siblings would be potential suspects. Procedure would be to rule out all siblings at the time of the death of the parents by obtaining their alibis. The McCook PD based their investigation (or lack thereof) on the words of the Lyons Police Chief Daniel Babich. His statement that his Dad killed his Mom and then committed suicide was taken as truth, simply because he was the Chief of the Lyons Police and he was given privileged treatment because of this. If Daniel Babich were a trash collector, this investigation would have been handled differently.}

After the conversation with M'Linda, Browder went back to Daniel. Once again, Daniel was unavailable, off at his hunting cabin. Daniel's wife, Carmen, under threat of arrest, admitted that all TEN rings were in their possession and had been all along. They were kept in a small strong box in Daniel's home. Daniel had been lying to Browder all along.
Daniel never answered the I.A. Agents question about why he was in the house and what he was doing in the house for one hour before the arrival of emergency crew.

Daniel lied about not having a key to the Babich home. Many of Dorothy's long-time friends knew Daniel had a key to the house. Why would a police chief LIE about a matter so simple as having a key to his parents home?

Daniel lied about the existence of the TEN cocktail rings. If not for the 5'x4' portrait of Walter Sr. and Dorothy, Daniel would have gotten away with this lie.

Daniel lied about having possession of the TEN cocktail rings.

Daniel, the youngest of seven adult children, was the ONLY person who had immediate custody and control of the parents' home, as well as being in possession of all valuables belonging to Walter and Dorothy Babich Sr. immediately after their deaths.

At the family gathering, Daniel stated, in front of the entire family, to M'Linda (aka Linda or Lyn) "And NO, Linda, I don't have any legal documents whatsoever giving me authorization."

During the initial family gathering, it was Daniel who strutted in late and announced that he already had someone who has been interested in purchasing Mom and Dad's house. He already had a friend who is a lawyer who will handle the closing. He has another friend who will, in Daniel's presence, evaluate the seven coin collections. Then Carmen, Daniel's wife, interrupted him saying, "Don't worry about Mom and Dad's money, I have already spoken to two employees at Mom and Dad's bank who are my personal friends and they said they would make sure Danny and I will have access to Mom and Dad's money, but only Danny and I." (The bank employees participated in a federal offense along with Carmine and Daniel Babich when they manipulated the funds belonging to Walter and Dorothy Babich, Sr., without the proper legal documentation to do so. *The Banking Commission will receive a copy of this entire file.) All of these people were in place by Daniel and Carmen Babich within a few daysof the gruesome discovery of his parents. 

At the family meeting, Lisa Babich (owner of a local real estate firm and licensed real estate broker) stated that the house would be worth $500,000. Daniel sold the house for $300,000 cash to friends of his. Authorities should find out if Daniel planned to sell this home to the new owners prior to the double-murders of Walter and Dorothy Babich, Sr.

When did DB make the arrangements to have the home cleaned? There was a professional cleaning crew at the house removing the chair and the mattress BEFORE the medical examiner had even performed the autopsies!!!!

DB, along with his wife, lied repeatedly about having ten expensive cocktail rings belonging to Dorothy Babich. DB originally stated to Inv. Browder that his mother never had ten cocktails rings, therefore this was not a matter of theft. Inv. Browder cautioned DB and his wife against lying in such an important matter because if there was a theft of any valuables, then this is a matter of a much more detailed investigation that would involve the FBI.

It is physically impossible for a 75-year-old male with crippling rheumatoid arthritis in both hands as well as missing his right leg to shoot himself TWICE in the abdomen.

Crime Scene Photos reveal HUGE RED FLAGS such as:

• The lack of recoil of the shotgun was the reason for arguments between the detectives and the medical examiner.
• The position of the shotgun alongside Walter Sr.'s chair when it should have been 4 to 6 feet across the room (unless someone stood in front of Walter Sr. and shot him once, and then a second time,

• note: point of entry of both gunshot wounds, one on Walter Sr.'s side which would suggest he was trying to get out of the chair at the time he was first shot and then once in the abdomen as he fell back into the chair. Was Walter, Sr., though at the wrong end of a shotgun, leaving his chair in order to go to his wife who was screaming in pain throughout the ordeal of being stabbed 63 times.

• the chamber of the shotgun was in the open position which indicated Walter Babich did not shoot himself. This position was irregular based on the theory that had been presented to everyone by DB.

Months earlier, DB removed ALL weapons from his parents home after his father wandered away from home and was later found in front of Brookfield Zoo, confused and disoriented. DB's excuse for removing the weapons was to prevent any accidental injuries from happening to his aging parents. The question is,How did two guns get back into Walter Sr.'s home when DB had become the new owner of the gun collection once he, DB, removed all weapons to his own home. DB now had complete custody and control of the entire gun collection. So... who shot Walter, Sr., twice in the abdomen, with the oldest, most worn shotgun in the collection?

Prior to the Medical Examiner's report on Dorothy Babich, everyone was under the belief that she was shot in her back, upper right shoulder. This was an assumption made due to the severe damage and blood loss at the point of injury, as well as the finding of two shotguns at the crime scene. Later, Monday at 9:20 AM the ME began the autopsy on Dorothy which would later reveal Dorothy was stabbed 63 times.

Dianna, first born of Dorothy, was called by DB on Monday at 9:00 AM and told "Mom was stabbed 63 times and Dad was shot twice. Don't tell anyone I told you, because I can get into a lot of trouble."

Tom Kula overheard DB saying, "Dad was shot twice, Mom was stabbed 63 times."

Dianna contacted the ME and asked, "Is it true, my mother was stabbed 63 times and my father was shot twice? Is it true?" The ME, alarmed by this question, asked "How do you know the exact number of stab wounds to your mother and the fact that your father was shot twice? Who told you this? Only the killer would know this kind of information." Dianna explained her brother Daniel called at 9:00 am with this information. The ME told Dianna she should remember that she did not even begin Dorothy's autopsy until 9:20 AM, which is noted in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the autopsy report. She then asked Dianna, how is it that your brother Daniel knew at 9:00 am what she, the medical examiner, did not even begin to know until well after 9:20 AM that same morning?

The Medical Examiner determined Dorothy was a homicide from 63 stab wounds.

The Medical Examiner kept Walter Sr.'s autopsy report finding open an extra six weeks because of the irregularities in the crime scene photo, referencing the lack of recoil effect of the full barrel shotgun and her concern that DB knew far too much about the exact details of the causes of death of Walter Sr. and Dorothy.

Who put the bloody hand print on the side of the refrigerator?
      *Who rushed the
        suicide finding?

name        position

____________________________      _______________________________

*McCook Illinois Police Chief Wolfe contacted the M.E. Dr. M. J. and strongly insisted that she has held open Walter Babich Sr.'s case for an extra six weeks and HE insists she close it now. Furthermore, he would prefer the findings read that this was a suicide!

Lyons, Illinois politics
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Article posted on Aug 12, 2008
Dave Visk is actually a good hearted person who has been a pretty good mayor. Patty Krueger rode his coattails for several years, but if you ever talk to her of anything of substance, you'll find the lights are on and no one's home. The biggest mistake Visk ever made was to appoint Patty's dear friend, Dan Babich, to police chief. Dan went from janitor to chief almost over night with Patty promoting it every step of the way. Ask how he managed to jump a five year waiting list to go the FBI Academy? Isn't it true that Ms. Krueger had a friend in the FBI pull strings? Babich has shamelessly used his association with Krueger to advance his personal agenda and Krueger has protected and promoted Babich along the way. In my opinion, Krueger is brainless, vicious and crude and Mr. Visk you are better off without her. If you thought you had it bad under Vachata, Patty is fully cut from the same broad cloth
Does Daniel Babich's wife Carmen, know about Patti Krueger???
Double murder of
Walter Sr. and Dorothy Babich ~
Parents of Lyons, Ill., ex-Police Chief Daniel Babich
1.How a 75 year old male with crippling rheumatoid arthritis in both hands as well as missing his right leg was physically capable of shooting himself twice (two times) (shoot oneself, retrieve the same shotgun, while seriously wounded, reload the same shotgun, and shoot oneself a second time, with a full barrel shotgun). After you stated...he stabbed his 75 year old wife 63 times. (I challenge anyone to stab a melon 63 times in order for you to experience the effort it would take to perform this exhausting act).

Fact: The 63 stab wounds indicates that this act was very personal and all of the adult children should have been looked at as persons of interest, including Daniel Babich!

Fact: Walter Babich Sr. had crippling rheumatoid arthritis in both hands and his right leg was missing.

Point: There was no blood trail towards where the shotgun should have rested, based on recoil effect proving Walter Babich Sr. did not shoot himself, leave his chair while mortally wounded, retrieve the shotgun, reload it and shoot himself a second time, in the abdomen as the police would have us believe.

2.Did the police look up the disease of crippling rheumatoid arthritis? NO!!! because then they would know that Walter Sr. was physically incapable of stabbing his wife 63 times, let alone once.

3.Did the police take a picture of the bloody hand print that was on the side of the refrigerator and then search the database for the owner of the bloody hand print? NO!!!WHYNOT!!!

4.Did the police dust for prints throughout the house? NO!!!

5.Did the police determine who put the Babich's trash cans at the curb so that crucial evidence was removed and destroyed by the trash collectors the following morning after the Babich's bodies had been removed from their home? NO!!! 

6. Why didn't the police retrieve the contents of the large black garbage bag which Daniel Babich had in his possession prior to both Daniel and his wife Carmen being able to quickly destroy the entire content/evidence, that Daniel gathered during the one hour, he was in the Babich's home, prior to contacting his own police department (out of jurisdiction) for assistance? WHY NOT!!!
MANY police agencies are under investigation by the honest watchdogs of higher authorities and good citizens across the globe who have had enough of police corruption. All any citizen needs to do is simply Google police corruption in any state and in any city. For good people who do nothing I say to you this... YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN CRIMINALS. You are responsible, on some level, for the exploding amount of corruption that is eroding America. I have chosen to fight... NOW... What about you? There are only two choices in these times... Be a force for good or do nothing and be a force for evil and those who do evil, and the devil will dance. P.S. Your name will be removed from the book of life.


Daniel Babich

Prideful Ego-maniac portraying himself as high and mighty to his peers and acquaintances. The helpless prisoners in his jail will tell a different story, something about being assaulted with a stun gun while handcuffed!

All parents know the depth of the ugliness of which each of their own children are capable. Daniel Babich did not want anyone else to know what his parents already knew. It infuriated him when the following points came to light.

• DB spoke of divorcing his wife to his sister during the Easter visit, just months prior to the double murder of their parents. DB was very angry because his parents refused to help him divorce his wife and take his daughters away from their mother. DB took this as a signal of his parents choosing his soon-to-be ex-wife over their own son. In his view, it was an attack on his pride.

• To add to his anger against his parents and exacting a huge wound to his pride, DB's Mom would complain about DB to anyone who would listen regarding having to pay her son for labor and materials for installing a basement bathroom when DB did not even finish the job but instead subcontracted a shady character to do it. The Babiches had to then pay the subcontractor for the job they had already paid DB to do. To add insult to injury, the subcontractor took tools from the house that belonged to the Babiches. The Babiches gave DB a key to access the house whether they were home or not for the expediting of the completion of this job.

To the McCook, Illinois, Police Authorities in Cook County...
Can you explain...
7. Why was Daniel Babich's police department phone number, as the then-Chief of Lyon's Illinois Police Department used as a contact number for selected witnesses on the McCook Illinois Police Report? Pull the report and SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! 

This was criminal behavior by police in a double-murder investigation. It surely points to cooperation by the McCook Illinois Police in a coverup of a fellow officer of the law's many irregularities in the double murder case of his own parents.

What should happen to the many CORRUPT ILLINOIS OFFICIALS (police officials and politicians) who aided in this coverup?

8. Removing evidence is a felony. I.E. contents of the large black trash bag which Daniel Babich removed himself; pharmaceuticals belonging to Walter Babich, Sr.; the bloody rocker which Walter Babich, Sr., was murdered on; the blood-soaked mattress which Dorothy Babich was murdered on. Daniel Babich removed these articles of evidence himself and made the arrangements for the removal of the chair and mattress immediately after his parents were removed from the home. What was the motivation for the URGENT removal of the blood-soaked mattress and chair. The Babiches were removed from their home in the late hours of Sunday afternoon and these two crucial pieces of evidence were removed first thing Monday morning (LESS THAN 18 HOURS FROM THE START OF THE INVESTIGATION). 

Why did it take so many hours for both police departments to have the Medical Examiner on scene? 

Pull the dispatcher's reports from BOTH McCook, Il., Police Department and Lyons, Il., Police Department.

Note: the sequence of events, persons called to assist/investigate and time between events should be closely scrutinized.

Daniel Babich removed all valuables and personal documents and later denied having them for several months. The investigator discovered Daniel Babich had possession of the valuables in his home (even though he had repeatedly lied about this) only AFTER the investigator informed Daniel's wife that filing a theft report would have demanded FBI intervention. Then Daniel's wife was forthcoming about the fact that Daniel and she had possession of the valuables in a small strong box in their home. Daniel was not available for this questioning because he had, once again, disappeared to his hunting cabin.

9. What happened to the SECOND shell casing? Walter Babich, Sr., was shot twice. How does a one-legged man with crippling rheumatoid arthritis in both hands shoot himself TWICE in the abdominal area? Who has the two shotguns discovered at the crime scene at Walter Babich Sr.'s home? Did the McCook Police return them to Chief Daniel Babich or did they hold them in evidence?


The mishandling of the investigation of the torture (63 shallow stab wounds) and murder of Dorothy Babich and the murder (shot twice in the abdomen) of 75 year old, physically handicapped, Walter Babich Sr. is a clear case of Police Corruption and Political Corruption in a major case crime.

Daniel Babich was the Lyons, Illinois, Police Chief, as well as the President of Illinois P.B.A. and you don't think there was undue influence over their subordinates??? Wouldn't you say this is abuse of power???

Many officials have said it is clear that Daniel Babich had control of this investigation from the beginning even though he was a person of interest (as all seven of the surviving Babich adult children were persons of interest). Daniel Babich should have been completely removed from having any influence on the investigation whatsoever. First of all, the crime was not committed in his jurisdiction. Secondly, he should have been treated as a person of interest as his siblings were. His stature of Police Chief should not have given him special privileges in this case. 

Remember in the beginning it was Daniel Babich who stated to everyone, "My Father killed my Mother and then himself." setting the stage for all involved as to the path this case was to take. He continually remained heavily involved in the case to make certain that the path he created was what all police investigators of both the McCook and the Lyons police departments remained on until they came up with the false conclusion of murder suicide vs. double murder.

In order to avoid any possibility of his rank and power coercing the outcome of this investigation, Chief Daniel Babich should have had HANDS-OFF the entire investigation.

The other Cook County homicide cases of Sgt. Drew Peterson's victims and Sheriff Michael O'Mara's homicide case set a pattern of continued corrupt and inferior (intentional or otherwise) police procedure which resulted in no justicefor the victims, no closurefor their families, and a complete lack of trustby all involved in the integrity of our justice system.

                                 ~ ~ ~

How was Daniel Babich able to CONTROL the ENTIRE INVESTIGATION of the murders of his parents from the beginning?



A police chief creates his own schedule and answers to no one regarding his whereabouts. A police chief wields great powers of persuasion over his subordinates which yields him great quantities of cooperation and the ability to manipulate situations to create silence amongst his employees. A police chief would also be well schooled in how to stage a crime scene and also how to create the greatest amount of suffering a human could endure before death. A police chief would have the ability to reward cooperation by paying much higher salaries (at the tax-payers expense) to his silenced staff than those in neighboring areas. At the same time the silenced staff is being overpaid, they could also be allowed by a Police Chief to work fewer hours while being paid the greater salary.

Daniel Babich frequently made himself unavailable for routine questions by escaping to his hunting cabin without his wife and/or children. One of the investigators said then-Police Chief Daniel Babich (now demoted to Captain) had to be called back repeatedly to give explanations regarding circumstances surrounding the deaths of his parents.
Daniel Babich authorized OUTRAGEOUSLY
HIGH SALARIES for his staff, the Lyons, Illinois, Police Captains and officers. Is it possible, the tax-payers are footing the bill for hush money to Daniel Babiches accomplices?

Pull area police staff salary reports and
Further evidence of Cook County, Illinois, history of jailing innocent people and not jailing criminals was printed in the December 23, 2002, Chicago Tribune, Editorial section, page 24, entitled "Four more terrible mistakes (by Cook County Illinois)"

"Last week, four more men joined Cook County's most troubling list: Those who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes."

"...problems exist throughout the criminal justice system, not just in the way capital punishment is administered."

"The four -- Luis Ortiz, Robert Gayol, Edar Duarte Santos and Omar Aguirree -- suddenly have very much in common with five other involuntary alums of the Cook County Jail: Corethian Bell, Eddie Huggins, Don Olmetti, Miguel Castillo and Paula Gray. "

"All of these cases cry out for safeguards that must be implemented across the state."

Let's not forget the O'Mara case and the Drew Peterson case and how they have been mishandled by the Cook County, Il., authorities. Another example: recently, a woman went to the Bolingbrook, Il., Police Department. She had been assaulted by her adult son and his girlfriend. She had visible wounds and swelling on her face, neck and arms. The initial report was taken by a kind, compassionate, young officer named O'Hara. That same day, the Bolingbrook Police were again called to this victim's home to remove the perpetrators. A third time, the same day, another call was made. Officer Burke was dispatched to the scene and he proceeded to verbally badger the victim, telling her not to call the police department one more time because the police department has better things to do. To add insult to injury, in front of the victim, Officer Burke relayed a message to code enforcement officials for what he perceived as code violations.
Remember the Mendez brothers in Florida...

They murdered both their parents!

If not for the excessive spending of their parent's money immediately after the double murder, they would have gotten away with this horrific crime!
*Will you please help me bring justice to my parents by your insisting the Illinois authorities do their job!
-I contacted the Illinois governor-George Ryan... No help was forth coming because he was sentenced to 61/2 years in jail on federal corruption charges

-I contacted the Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich...No help was forth coming because he was arrested on December 9th 2008 on corruption/scandal charges.

*Special agent Robert Grant of the Illinois FBI in charge of the Chicago office characterized Illinois place on the corruption scale..."If it isn't the most corrupt state it's one hell of a competitor."

-I contacted the Illinois FBI duty agent and asked for help. He heard my entire story about my parents brutal death at the hand of my youngest brother. He responded with,"DON'T LET THIS BE ANOTHER O.J. CASE. KEEP YOUR PARENTS STORY IN THE EYE OF THE MEDIA, THEY WILL FORCE THE AUTHORITIES TO HELP YOU. YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT ARE PROTECTING YOUR BROTHER AND THAT DOES INCLUDE IN OTHER STATES AS WELL!"   

-I contacted the Illinois attorney general MS. L. Madigan and she forwarded the entire case file to Cook County State Attorney's office ATTN: MS. Anita Alverez, State Attorney who forwarded the case file to Mr. Peter J. Troy assistant to MS. Anita Alverez. On January 27th 2009 Mr. Troy said, "My sister and I are suffering from sour grapes." (WHAT ABOUT THE MURDER OF MY PARENTS).A second conversation with Mr. Troy yielded,"The wheels of justice turn slowly, very slowly but they do turn. You and your sister are not the only adult children who believe your brother Daniel had something to do with the death of your parents. At least two other siblings believe the same."

-I contacted the Illinois reform commission and each and every member received separately the entire case file on the double murder of my parents, Walter and Dorothy Babich. On March 2nd 2009 I received a decline to help letter because their priority was along the realm of financial discrepancies within the various government agencies of Illinois. 

-I was contacted by the Illinois state police in Des Plaines, Illinois. I spoke to officer Hunt and then later officer Kurtain. One told me,"He was not going to allow me to get past him and hurt Danny." I responded with, "Don't you mean, police chief Daniel Babich. It seems to me that you have a close friendship with him. The second officer contacted my husband at his place of business in order to intimidate my husband into backing me off Daniel Babich. I returned a call to the same officer and warned him that hell will freeze over first before I back down from seeking justice for my parents."  

 -I contacted the U.S. Department of Justice on Dearborn Street in Chicago Illinois requesting the services of Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald. The screening committee sent a letter dated April 13, 2010 stating,"Your correspondence does not form the basis for any action by the U.S. Attorney office. Evidence of violation of federal criminal law may be directed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Roosevelt Rd. in Chicago Illinois."...                                                    
...And the list goes on!!! 

Patrick Fitzgerald-U.S. Attorney General's Special Councel is a voice for justice for all. The only problem for those seeking justice is to get past the screening committee who decides what Mr. Fitzgerald is ALLOWED TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE! Patrick Fitzgerald is truly a modern day Elliott Ness!
Finally a champion has been found in
Douglas Millar of Santa Rosa, CA.
A man of courage and conviction who is currently the voice for abused children around the world!
God Bless you Mr. Douglas Millar and your team. May you continue to walk in faith

and in the light of the Lord!
Dear Family, Friends, Allies & Future Friends,
Listen to Doug Millar’s live, unrehearsed, 5 weekday interviews of nationally prominent guests & a few who will be very soon: 
6pm – Pacific, 7pm – Mountain, 8pm – Central & 9pm – Eastern
+ 5pm – Alaska, 4pm – Hawaii, London – 1am & Japan – Noon

*Douglas Millar is the CEO of Unite For Justice.
**To each your own punishment for what you should have done and failed to do.**
Order an Independent Investigation in Cook County, IL. Include ALL PARTIES WHO ARE CRIMINALS IN THE COVER-UP OF A DOUBLE MURDER BY THEN-POLICE CHIEF/DANIEL BABICH of Lyons, IL, Police Department.

These corrupt police and corrupt politicians must STEP DOWN, be PROSECUTED and JAILED according to the level of their participation in the cover-ups.

YOU were U.S. Senator at the time of ALL of these MURDERS!

Daniel Babich had ownership, custody and control of Walter Babich, Sr.'s, entire gun collection PRIOR to the double murders of his parents. So... how did two of the shotguns in that collection which were being held at Chief Daniel Babich's home, find their way back to his parents home to be used in the commission of a double-homicide?

Why didn't the police ask Daniel Babich this question? *The US Attorney General's Special Counsel will be receiving this file.
* In murder cases of parents it is routine police procedure to look at ALL adult children (not just the ones that are NOT police chiefs) as people of interest in such murder cases.
Children Who Slaughter Their Parents
According to the August 8, 2011, issue of Globe Magazine (page 34), "young parent-killers fall into three types. 'The abused - who see no other way of ending their pain,' says the University of South Florida expert (Criminology Prof. Kathleen Heide). 'Sociopaths - who want to remove an obstacle for some selfish goal. And the flagrantly psychotic - who are unaware that what they are doing is wrong.' "