A Grandmother's Impossible Choice
and A Father's Willingness to Risk Everything
In Order to Rescue His Three Little Girls
  • When Christine brought her daughters home from a visit one weekend, she walked into the kitchen, stroked one of her daughter's hair and said to the Grandmother, Lee, "When I sell your son's three blonde, white American girls, I'm going to get $50,000 each. I'll be sitting pretty and they'll never be found." Shortly thereafter, while helping to take care of the children, the Grandmother was stripping all the beds to clean the linens and found a rap sheet for a local pedophile under the linen of the daughter-in-law's bed. Could this be the rap sheet of the person who has already agreed to purchase the three children?
Grandmother Lee was left with
An Impossible Choice:

If she did nothing, one day she might come home to three missing grandchildren (remember the comment that she could get $50,000 for each child) OR risk the serious injury or possibly death of one or all of the grandchildren by the hands of an unstable mother whose mind was set on maliciously hurting her husband in order to own his business, his money and his house while seeing to it that he would be incarcerated. What will the FBI and local authorities think, after realizing that just as she has manipulated her husband's life, SHE IS MANIPULATING THEM.

If she helped her son protect her grandchildren (when clearly the law was not going to do so) then she had to leave her husband and her adult daughter, along with another grandchild and risk never seeing any of them again, in order to keep her son's three children safe.


What would you do? How far would you go to protect your grandchildren from this manipulative, deceitful, unstable woman.


So, you want to know the rest of the story???

This frail 65-year-old GRANDMOTHER has now been released from JAIL...
Her name is Lenore (Lee) Matusiewicz*

Her son, David Matusiewicz* is presently being held in a correctional institute in Texas... this is a father who is simply trying to protect his three children from their mother because he believes she is more than capable of releasing them to a pedophile or taking their lives.

(Remember the pedophiles rap sheet discovered under the mother's bed linens and her statement to the Grandmother regarding selling each child for $50,000 a piece.)

The mother of the three girls presently has custody.
Let us not forget she freely gave up custody of her oldest child from a previous marriage.

The fate of these girls is ultimately in the hands of God.

But if there are any learned, honorable attorney who would be willing to represent this father and his three children, pro-bono, please contact the grandparents, Tom and Lee Matusiewicz at 956-578-2675, Box 6, Edcouch TX 78538; email: A1BBQ@juno.com

There is HOPE... IF the proper authorities would thoroughly and objectively investigate the mother of these innocent girls, they would find a history of Jekyl and Hyde behavior which would explain why she has so adequately been able to puppeteer the authorities to execute HER plan.

*Actual names were used by the request and with the permission of David Matusiewicz.

This "mother's" truth, as stated to her sister-in-law:
"I will have David's house, his children, his business and all his money; and by the time I get finished with him, he will be in jail. And there's not a damned thing he can do about it." When asked why she was doing this, she responded: "I loved my first husband but he had no money. This husband has the money and I will own it all."

1. Christine Belford searched for and found a convicted pedophile and kept his rap sheet under her mattress. Then, she threatened to sell "David's three, blonde, white, American girls" for "$50,000 each"!! She said that they'd (Laura, Leigh and Karen Matusiewicz...her children also) never be found because of her connection to the local crime family through William Moffa... but Christine has 4 (four) little girls!!!

2. Christine ignored Laura (about one year old) and the child played in a storage garage filled with dangerous equipment and chemicals!

3. Christine did not react to Laura's screams when Katy (aged 8) knelt on her back and tortured her. Chris was in la-la land not 3 feet away!

4. Christine trained Leigh to eat independently by throwing food on a filthy rug and then having Leigh fight the dog for her food!

5. Christine said, "If Dave's children are injured or should become seriously ill, as their mother, of course, I’ll be sad; but David will be devastated!! Then Laura broke out in huge red spots all over her torso, her forehead turned alabaster white, the mask around her eyes turned purple and her cheeks turned red like the spots!

6. Christine had extreme reactions to everyday behavior (crying, cuts, scrapes, vomiting) - called the office screaming she'd cut the tip off Leigh's finger after nipping the cuticle. There was blood everywhere and she couldn't get it to stop!

7. Christine told, at least two different stories about how Leigh got a broken collar bone somewhere around nine months of age. Why would she lie?

8. Christine did not discourage her daughter Katy's lying; and when I tried to do so, Christine told me she could "get rid of me" anytime she wanted and there'd be no connection to her because of her "family connections." Then she made me a cup of tea. I was sick for 5 days even after vomiting.

9. Christine was drinking alcohol at the age of 12, was referred to Brandywine Counseling (for drug abuse? mental illness? both? Her former neighbor, Laura Ridgley said she thought both because "Chris's family is all F____ up! But ask my sister. She hung out with Chris!"), was under the care of psychologists since about 1991 (including Mark Richman in Bear, Delaware); Had Rxs for Lexapro, Xanax, Wellbutrin, Codeine and Paxil from time to time and would nap with three babies for over an hour each day (she said she gave Leigh cough syrup to help her sleep... Leigh is autistic!!!).

10. Laura woke up towards morning when she was three screaming, "No, Mommy! Stop it! Don't do that!" and whimpering. What did she see? What was Mommy doing?

11. Laura knew all about the "G-Spot" and how to play the game "Lick the lollipop" at the age of 5. She has a secret with her Mommy about what she has to do to Mommy to make Mommy feel good! Laura said that if she ever tells, "Mommy will go to jail!!!"

12. Christine broke double and triple paned windows and put holes in the wall when she was alone with the babies. She cannot control her rage.

13. After allowing my grandchildren to spend the night with Tom and me, Christine kidnapped them, returned them through third parties, demanded them back again (we found out she'd stopped taking her Paxil cold-turkey... not weaning herself off as recommended by her doctor) but wanted them back after we'd taken them to a playland and was going to have me (Lee) charged with kidnapping when I told her I was afraid she'd hurt them (possibly kill them) and couldn't give them back!

14. Officer Thompson of the Delaware State Police told me, "It doesn’t matter what you say. She got to the courts first!" What justice!!!

15. H. Fred Truant, Herbierto Medrano, John Malik and Demetrio Duarte, my son and my attorneys wouldn't allow testimony about Christine's abuses of the children in court!

16. Christine left pills of every size, shape and pretty color all over the house where little children (Laura - 3, Leigh - 2, and Karen - 6 months old) could find and eat them like candy!

17. After the protection from abuse hearing, Christine brought Karen back to the house then stormed out shouting, "Take the damn kids!!!"

18. In 2006, Christine gave custody of her daughter from her marriage to Bill Moffa to his sister, Jen Pugliese and sole custody of Laura, Leigh and Karen to David. Then she filed for joint custody of my granddaughters!

19. Christine said that she knew there was "something really wrong with" her and she needed to go find out what it was.

20. Christine couldn't figure out how lots and lots of contact lenses had gotten into her purse from her job at Simon Eye Associates in Bear, DE. She accused co-workers of setting her up!

21. David found $10,000 missing from Vision Center of Delaware accounts in 2005. Then, he found an unauthorized check that Christine had written to herself and cashed for $2,800. He did not prosecute.

22. After Leigh was diagnosed with autism and after Christine had given sole custody to David, Chris came for a visit. Leigh opened her arms wide and grinned from ear to ear. She started walking towards her mother who pushed passed her saying, "She doesn't even know who I am!" Leigh was crushed.

23. Christine abandoned Karen at about 3 or 4 months of age in a shopping car in the house and garden plants section of Wiley's Market on Route 13. She asked, "Who's Karen?" when asked where the baby was!!!

24. Christine insisted Leigh return to the Brennan School from which Leigh had returned home several times bloodied. None of the staff could explain how/why she had blood all over her!

25. After hearing about our niece's inhuman torture and rape at the hands of her stepfather and Mother, Christine acted as the guilty party when Amy, our daughter said "that pervert should be castrated without benefit of anesthesia!"

26. Everytime Christine would come for court-mandated visits Laura would run away screaming, "Please, don't make me go! Please! Don't make me go!" Leigh would run and yell, "No! No! No!" Karen would just cry! Why?

27. Children and people with mental retardation put on extra layers of clothes to try to thwart their rapists/molesters. Laura started wearing extra layers of clothes when visiting Mommy!

28. Christine said she'd grown up without religion and that she'd been molested by her father when she was a child!

29. Christine threatened to hurt David by "hurting his children or taking them away from him!" Was she threatening to sell them back in 2003 before Leigh was even born?

If you care at all about children, if you've suffered at the hands of the authorities, if you can, PLEASE HELP. We don't know what to do! Whom to trust!

Lenore (Lee) Matusiewicz - Box 6, Edcouch TX 78538
Phone: 956-578-2675
Email: A1BBQ@juno.com