Additional Supporting Evidence
  • The 3rd Santa's name was William (Bill) Ramsey prior to JonBenét's murder. Immediately following his Christmas 1996 vacation, he changed his name and has since changed it again, multiple times.
  • His two friends have been constant companions of his for several years (previous to the time of the crime and continuing to the present). However, after the murder, one of these friends vehemently denied any knowledge whatsoever of the alleged murderer when the police questioned: "Do you know this person?" It should be noted that the friend's application to the Karate school, in his own handwriting, states that he was referred to this school by his friend, the alleged murderer. One must ask why this friend lied to the police about his friendship and personal knowledge of the alleged murderer. A copy of the application was given to one detective. The visible truth left that detective speechless.
  • By his own words, annual Christmas trips to the west were to visit his father in order to retrieve a large sum of money (his inheritance) (enough to sustain him for one year). He specified $118,000 was the expected amount in 1996 as mentioned in the JonBenét ransom note. He said this money was given to him to ensure his absence from his father for another year.
  • He proclaimed himself to be the "black sheep of a very wealthy family," before his 1996 trip.
  • He purchased the Hi-TEC boots just prior to the 1996 Christmas trip (same sole print as found next to JonBenét's body.)
  • He possessed a three-prong stun gun, as used on the victim's body (lower left back and lower left leg).
  • He practiced use of a stun gun on his friend's Doberman Pinscher. That friend is a convicted pedophile who molested over 53 children while simultaneously teaching the local police "tactical self-defense training techniques." The relationship between the child molesting teacher and his adult students (area police), may be why the aforementioned information was not pursued for at least 18 months after the police had been alerted to this alleged pedophile. This friend is now doing time for a mere handful (9 counts) of the crimes that he has committed.
  • His duplicate application to the Karate school has the suspect's handwriting sample. It matches the handwriting on the ransom note. There is one letter of the alphabet that stands out as being so unique that one in ten million would print or write this particular letter in such an unusual fashion. This rare style of writing this particular letter appears on both the application and the ransom note. According to a forensic criminologist with over 25 years of experience, he has never seen this particular letter written in this fashion, there is no doubt in his mind that the same person wrote both documents. It also appears on the cover of a VHS tape titled, "The Seven Deadly Sins." Note, the word "pride." This is very symbolic of why JonBenét died. Hmmmmmm!
  • Remember the Criminal Profiler Mr. John Douglas stated that the alleged murderer used words and phrases from movies in the 2 ½ page ransom note.
  • A hand-carved, hand-painted, miniature Karate wood Training Sword (sealed with glistening lacquer), was stolen from the Karate school where he took classes prior to the crime. This sword matches the wood stick in the autopsy report used to complete the garrote. It is also described as a paintbrush handle; however, paintbrush handles are not finished with glistening lacquer. Nothing else, but THIS WOODEN SWORD would cause a V-shaped skull fracture to JonBenét.
  • The 3rd Santa, to this date, CONTINUALLY CHANGES HIS FIRST AND LAST NAME, I.E. William (Bill) Ramsey, then Larry Rohn and he is now currently going by Bill Rohn. He also continually changes his appearance and his residence, but never leaves his township! One must ask why he feels so safe in this particular township!​​
    This very strong person of interest has had


    In the early days of the investigation he knew the personal nickname John and Patsy Ramsey used for JonBenet (Johnny B). Only family members were privy to this information.