Unite For Justice Mission Statement

Unite For Justice is a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of
Child: Sex Abuse, Mind Control, Satanism and Murder, plus Elder Abuse,
Disabled Abuse and Biomedical Torture Experimentation on Humans in all
forms throughout America and worldwide.

We do not seek to duplicate what other advocacy groups are already doing,
successfully. We are offering a coalition of nationally prominent people; so
when local, state and national groups seek publicity from media and action
from politicians and criminal "justice" prosecutors, they will be able to say
they represent a coalition of not thousands, but eventually millions of
supporters. Currently, we have over 60 National Advisory Board members.

Unite For Justice mission has three divisions: To investigate these
crimes, educate the public by identifying the crimes, criminals and
cover-ups, and activate the public to put pressure on public "servants,"
both employed and elected, to pass laws to prevent such crimes and
prosecute violators of evil, criminal behavior. We seek to end these
horrifying, abusive crimes, as we seek to identify "intellectually honest"
media to help us protect everyone, as if they are in our own family. .

To achieve lasting social improvements: We must adopt an aggressive
agenda to identify criminals, their law "enforcement" protectors and
expose them, as we protect their victims by empowering them to go
public with us at meetings of school boards, city councils, county boards
of supervisors, public protests and town hall meetings, all religious and
political events, school campuses, state legislative meetings and
hearings, plus hearings held by Congress and presidential commissions.

NOTE: Many local meetings invite the public to make comments at each
event on issues that are not necessarily on the agenda, and today most
scheduled public meetings are broadcast over local cable networks, live.
Now you can be heard weekly, or as often as your elected officials meet.

This silent epidemic impacts approximately one quarter of our nation’s
children, plus many millions of our adults. Every child has a God-given
right to sexual innocense, and every adult has a God-given right to equal
justice under our U.S. Constitutition, but "Freedom is NOT free!" You
must be willing to stand up and fight for your rights, loved ones and others.

By giving a voice to Survivors of these crimes, we plan to help them
recover and heal from their emotional, physical, sex and spiritual wounds,
with Survivor Empowerment and belated justice, as their stories are heard
and criminals are exposed, prosecuted and imprisoned.

We are establishing state advisory boards. We already have a Unite For
Justice National Advisory Board consisting of members in 20 states, with
more joining weekly, by invitation only. We have begun to organize state,
county and city chapters. WANT TO HELP VICTIMS? Call U4J today!

"U4J - MN - Nat. Co-Chair NYPD Detective Jim Rothstein, retired NYPD detective" ,
"U4J - IA - Nat. Co-Chair Noreen Gosch" ,
"U4J - CA - CEO Doug Millar" ,
"U4J - NJ - Nat. Coordinator M'Linda Kula, JonBenet murder solved" ,

NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD (Alphabetical by last names)
"U4J - ME De Jure Grand Jury Foreperson Leon Bard" ,
"U4J - CA, Sacramento - TI Jesse Beltran" ,
"U4J - CA, LA & CO - Judi Amber Chase" ,
"U4J - WA, DC - Jim Cook" ,
"U4J - KS De Jure Grand Jury Foreperson Maryanne & Bruce Curtis"
"U4J - NE, Lincoln - John DeCamp, JD" ,
"U4J - CO, Denver - Mark Dorn" ,
"U4J - CA, Orange County - Pastor Wiley Drake" ,
"U4J - ID, Boise - Dr. Robert Duncan, PhD" ,
"U4J - Africa - Janet Eubanks" seedforthecities@reachone.com,
"U4J - CA - Ted Gunderson, retired Los Angeles FBI Chief" ,
"U4J - TX, San Antonio - Dr. John Hall, MD" ,
"U4J - PA De Jure Gr. J. - Niki Hannevig" ,
"U4J - CO, Denver - Wesley Hoyt, JD - rescued Columbine victim Mark Taylor, state drugged in AZ 14 mo." ,
"U4J - NH De Jure Gr. J. - Jean Ingress" ,
"U4J - NH De Jure Gr. J. - John Ingress" ,
"U4J - NH - Johnathon & Stephanie Irish, Baby Cheyenne's parents" ,
"U4J - CA Eagle Forum Pres. Orlean Koehle" ,
"U4J - NY - Americans for Legal Reform Chair Carl Lanzisera, Founder" ,
"U4J - CA, LA - Aric Leavitt, author of ILLUMINATI" ,
"U4J - TX - Tom & Lee Matusiewicz" ,
"U4J - ID - Phoenix Police Officer Jack McLamb, retired" , "Carol c/o Jack McLamb" ,
"U4J - CO Republic - Jim & Jan Meisinger, Constitution law & community activists" ,
"U4J - CA, Santa Cruz - Dr. Stan Monteith, MD" ,
"U4J - CA - Andy Morris & Tina" ,
"U4J - ME De Jure Gr. J. - Andrea Murilo, JD, Constitution lawyer" ,
"U4J - UT, Provo - Dr. A.True Ott, PhD" ,
"U4J - PA - Brian Parkinson, martial arts trainer & solved JonBenet murder" ,
"U4J - SC - Dr. Claire Reeves, PhD" ,
"U4J - KS - TI attackers exposed - Dr. Terry Robertson, MD" ,
"U4J - OH - Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Nat. Pres. TI Derrick Robinson" ,
"U4J - CO, Colorado Springs - Donna Taylor, Columbine High mom"